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Indonesia is known for its rich biodiversity, which includes a vast array of tropical fish species. The country's tropical waters are home to both freshwater and saltwater fish species, making it a hub for the global Ornamental fish industry.

Many of freshwater ornamental fish originated from Indonesia, are well known as the most beautiful species amongst hobbyist and professional aquarist. Clown loach, called as the queen of Ornamental fish, Arowana “the Dragon fish”, Mosquito Rasbora, Nerritiina snail, and many more of Indonesian origin species are being the top favorite species to create stunning and intricate Aquarium.

Blessed by its tropical weather, Farmers in Indonesia also successfully cultivate almost all Ornamental fish species originated from other region of the world, such as : Amazon, Africa, South America, India, and other region. By 2017, it is estimated more than 650 freshwater ornamental species are bred and produced in Indonesia.

In addition to freshwater fish, Indonesia with more than 80,000 Kilometer shoreline, is a major supplier of saltwater fish species which are popular among aquarium enthusiasts worldwide.

Overall, Indonesia's rich saltwater and freshwater ecosystems make it a prime destination for tropical fish buyers seeking tropical and exotic fish species. With its diverse range of fish species, the country is a vital player in the global tropical fish industry, and its reputation as a source of high-quality Ornamental fish continues to grow.


ABOUT IndoGoodFish

IndoGoodFish is an Ornamental fish breeder and exporter from Indonesia. We began our career as a wild fish keeper in 2005, and started to breed barb, catfish, and cichlid fish in the following year. We have been consistently supplying Ornamental fish to local wholesaler and exporter in Indonesia.

Along the journey, relationship with the fish breeders and saltwater fishermen across the country are strongly built. With great support from them, we stepped our foot to the international market in 2012, and have been successfully shipping both Freshwater & Saltwater species to more than 20 countries.

At IndoGoodFish, we are dedicated to providing our customers with the highest quality fish, while also prioritizing the health and well-being of our aquatic species. At IndoGoodFish, we take BioSecurity very seriously, and our strict regulations ensure that our fishes are kept in a healthy environment and far from any disease. Our team is highly experienced in maintaining optimal water quality, providing a balanced diet, and carefully monitor the health of the fish to ensure they are in the best possible condition at any time.

Our shipping process is second to none, and we take great care to ensure that our fishes arrive alive and healthy at the destination country. We use specialized packaging materials and advanced fish packing methods to keep the fishes in the best condition during transit.

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