How To Order


STEP 1. We will send our“Stock/Price List” to your email

STEP 2. Send your“Inquiry” to / Please indicates Stock Code, Species name/Common Name, how many bags you require, and departure Airport.

STEP 3. After checking stock availability and freight cost, we will send you “Proforma Invoice” 

STEP 4. You “Confirm Invoice” and “Payment”

STEP 5. After “Payment Received”, we will “Book Cargo and Flight” with agreed schedule.

STEP 6. “Document Preparation”. Each destination country has different documentation requirement, we can provide all those documents. You need to inform us what is the required document details.

STEP 7. “Fish Preparation”. All the fishes will be prepared at least 72hours before packing time, to ensure best condition of fish and water quality during travel.

STEP 8. “Packing & Delivery”.

STEP 9. You send “Shipment Report” after receiving of fishes

Packaging Details

Large box

75 x 42 x 40cm (8 bags, Weight : 25-27 kgs)

Medium box

75 x 42 x 32cm (6 bags, Weight : 20-22 kgs)

Small box

60 x 44 x 32cm (4 bags, Weight : 13-16 kgs)

All Bags and Boxes are based on IATA Standard (International Air Transport Association)

Death on Arrival

Our DOA average rate is 0.5% - 1.5% per shipment.
However, it is our commitment to be responsible for ALL DOA fishes reported in 48 hours after flight arrived at your airport. You must send DOA report indicating the number of DOA and Picture to us.